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Introducing The Front Seat Car Seat


We all dislike squeezing the car sea through the tiny back door of a compact hatchback, not to mention having a whining toddler in the back seat.

In addition, pediatricians recommend putting the car seat in a rear-facining position until the age of 2 because of uneven distribution of the baby’s weight. So now, you have a whining toddler in the back seat, facing backwards.

The whole thing can be very frustrating. But Volvo has a different idea. 





They are proposing a redesign of the entire car to accommodate a front seat car seat which faces the rear. Here’s how it works:

In their new concept, the baby rides shotgun with the built-in car seat facing the rear. This will make it easier for adults sitting in the drivers seat or back seat to watch and attend to the baby while supporting the child’s spine and neck to improve the child’s chances in an accident.

The design is not yet in production, but it could be in the future.

Would you buy a front seat car seat? Should they be produced? Tell us in the comment section below.