10 Mid-Engine 2019 Corvette Rumors That Should Terrify Porsche Owners

Chevy Is Making Revolutionary Changes For The C8 Corvette

Back in 2014, GM debuted a radically updated version of its flagship sports car, the Chevrolet Corvette. When the revamped car rolled out on stage at the Detroit Auto Show, the audience was shocked.

That year, several things happened. First off, there was a massive surge in Corvette sales. Suddenly, the Corvette’s reputation as being an old man’s plastic-fantastic, mid-life crisis car began to fade. Once again, the Corvette became a piece of Americana that people of all ages could aspire to own. Something else happened – the automotive community began to entertain the possibility that what might follow the Stingray could very well be an even more radical departure from everything that defined the history of the Corvette.

Some of the speculation should be extremely interesting to anyone who considers themselves a Corvette fan. Here’s a round-up of the juiciest bits of speculation surrounding the C8 Corvette, rumored to begin production for the 2019 or 2020 model year (At this point, we’re leaning towards 2019 – Exciting!). (Continues on Page 2)


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